Voter ID Card Application Status Check Online

Voter ID Card Application Status

Once you have requested a new voter ID card or corrected voter identification details, you can follow the status of your application online. This is a fairly simple process that does not require much time or effort. Before doing this, unless you are a first-time voter who has never requested a voter ID, you will need to review some things. If you have requested a voter card due to a relocation or your name does not appear in your usual voting booth, first verify that your name appears on the electoral roll. If you are there, you do not need to request a new voter ID. Otherwise, you must first request a new voter ID in India before you can follow the status of your application.

How to check voter ID status application status online

Go the National Voter Services Portal and scroll to Track application status and then tap or click Click here. Alternatively, you may directly go to the NVSP online application status page.
Now enter the reference ID for your voter ID application. It should be in the email or SMS you received after sending your application online.

This will show you the status of your voter ID card application. There are four steps / possible states involved in this process: Sent, designated by BLO, Field verified and Accepted / Rejected. The marked steps are completed while the mats have not yet been completed. Keep in mind that these phases apply to new voter identification applications and these steps may vary for other types of services. For now, this seems to be the only way to verify the status of your voter identification application online.

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