Useful Basic SEO Tips for Blog or Website


About SEO:

SEO is the Search Engine Optimization and its working concept is same for blog and website. Here i am explaining for basic tips on SEO for only newbies.

How It’s Useful for Blog or Website:

SEO creates most important role behind the site which helps visibility of your blog or website in search engines like google, yahoo and bing etc. And also helps you ranking of your site like alexa rank, most of the newbies getting scare on word SEO but its simple and easy task why because even i don’t know about SEO before starting blogging, later on i concentrate on SEO and learned some knowledge on that.

Blog or Website getting more traffic by using SEO properly. Here i will discuss many SEO basic tips and tricks, SEO is divided in to two types Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO. I will explain about onpage page and offpage SEO.

Onpage SEO:

When you are writing articles we should fallow  simple seo tips and publish them and promoting them. Onpage SEO depending on your hand and as well as this is beginning procedure, in this onpage seo including keyword planning and bold the headings and inbound links.

Offpage SEO:

By using Offpage SEO is something you have not control over. offpage seo Its building your blog authority by keeping backlinks from other blogs. If you are newbie first concentrate on Onpage Seo basic tips to get best results then after you go for Offpage seo.

SEO Tips and Tricks:

1. Social Media.

useful basic seo tips for blog or website1

For newbies getting more traffic for blog or website the Best way and Simple Seo tips social media is one of the best way. Fallow the simple steps given below.
  • Create Facebook page on your blog or website.
  • Create Google+  account and publish on with this account, google is the blogger property it can indexed soon in search engines.
  • Submit your blog or website to search engines.
  • Create twitter account for your blog or website.

2. Content.

For blog or website content is the king, don’t forget about it. If you write good article then you can get more traffic. If you write good quality article from your blog or website then readers getting more comfortable to read your articles and they will spend more time on that.

3.Link Building.

In this process you can build backlinks by writing guest posts and comments on other blogs. And also create account on some forums it gives you backlinks from other blog or websites.

4. Post Images.

Posting image plays an important role. you should insert proper image which is related to content. Images equivalent to thousands of words if your post having relavent and proper image it helps to attention of readers and provides him read complete articles.


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