Title swapping – Every blogger should be aware of the tip!

Earlier know about the subjects of the search engine would 
first 8-10 words in the title of the blog search engines usually take for their results. That is the title of a blog post written words the first in 10 words important to make sure that the words should actually be even lower, 5 words. Well, let’s look at the real thing.
my blog Title: Search Engine optimization (SEO) in Telugu – English
1. If you know that every blogger tip swapping the title (Title Swapping) entitled simply to write a post that Google’s results will comes as below..

Search Engine optimization (SEO) in Telugu – in English –  to be aware of every blogger …. 
here,it was the original word 

2. If you swapping the title (Title Swapping) – Every blogger should be aware of the tip! entitled simply to write a post that comes up in the results given below Google  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Telugu – the title swapping (Title Swapping) – ….  comes with that. It’s for?  Doubt it here for you to come to the front of each title, the title of the blog and read the last few words are occupy some words would waste time reading! it is correct!!  swapping hence the title (Title Swapping) is not necessarily to each blogger.  Now comes the title of the templates and are swapping. But the basic templates in Blogger using the it must be  very easy for it!  title swapping (Title Swapping) As you said in your blog post, Google’s results helps swapping the title (Title Swapping) – Every blogger should be aware of the tip!  Search Engine.. wrote it all again, which means that you will appear here.  Now let’s see how to do it.


1. Go into Edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard template

2. CONTROL + F by pressing the buttons on the key board and look up the word. It looks like your blog TEMPLETE early in the      <title> <data: blog.pageTitle /> </ title>   given? In its place, add the following code to remove it.  <b: if cond = ‘data: blogpageType == “item”‘> <title> <data: blogpageName /> | <data: blogtitle /> < / title> <b: else /> <title> <data: blog.pageTitle /> </ title> </ b: if> that’s it! Search engines will rank your blog anymore. I see every day, many good Telugu blogs and the title of the ranking, they are missing by not swapping. If you are among those who try to get benefits .. See you again!