Street Army: Kung Fu & Karate Border Fighting Android Mobile Game Apk Download


Street Army: Kung Fu & Karate Border Fighting Game:

Download Street Army: Kung Fu & Karate Border Fighting Game Kung Fu & Karate Border Fighting APK directly to your mobile device and enjoy using this amazing app and The classic from Abhi Games on Army Border man kick fighter summer sports sniper to fighting war bet army best game against other.Army Kung Fu Fighters border fight

Defend the border!
Enroll in the rawest vs fighting on different borders between army soldiers. Street Army: Kung Fu & Karate Border Fighting puts your street fighting and martial art fighting skills to a real test. On the borderline only one can be the winner in the deadly fights.
Do you have what it takes to dominate the army fight street brawls?
Get the Kungfu free karate game now!

Do you love hand to hand combats and kungfu street fighting with lots of kicks, box smashing, and combos? Well, you have that and more in our army karate border fighting game! Look for the best skills and combo kicks of each soldier fighter and you are sure to dominate the fights.

Start with your basic fighter with medium-range, power, and stamina. Then show great fighting skills and earn more coins to unlock the more powerful army fighters. Get to the mightiest and most supreme army karate fighters so you can win the vs fighting battles, even against the most intimidating fighters.

We’ve created some amazing environments on different borders. From Alaska to McMahon Line, there are some vivid and absolutely exquisite border arenas to enjoy your vs fighting battles. Open them all as you complete the levels for each border.

▪️ deadly fight border line fighting
▪️ vs fighting army brawls
▪️ combination of martial arts: Kungfu, karate, boxing
▪️ variety of powerful characters
▪️ variety of border environments in different parts of the world
▪️ splendid 3d graphics

Now don’t miss the thrill and pure excitement of army karate fighting.
Prove that you can be the best in the soldier fight martial games.
Download the game for some pure fighting street brawl combats!

Download Below Kung Fu & Karate Border Fighting Game

Kung Fu & Karate Border Fighting