How to Simplify Your Smartphone – Why Simplify My Phone?

Why Simplify My Phone?

The best way to get a simpler phone is to buy a normal stupid phone. However, that could have consequences that you did not think about. First, simplifying the phone does not necessarily mean eliminating all your applications. But, more importantly, we assume that you still want your phone to call and write text messages. Unfortunately, old collapsible phones and non-smart devices tend not to have the quality of call that most of us look for today. Also, some of them have things like writing t9 (prediction text) for their text message. Also, you probably already have a smartphone, so why go and invest in another device, however cheap? Arguments made, we come to simplification.

Stop Notifications:

Okay, we understand, sometimes it’s too difficult to cut the thread at once. Or you may want to disable your email, but work makes it impossible or one of many other things. If you still want to take advantage of the simplification, it is easier to disable telephone notifications. You can disable the main notifications (ringtone, SMS volume, etc.) in the Settings menu of your phone (in Sound). For all other applications, go to the application and look at the menus there until you find a silent mode. If you do not receive any notification or message, it means you can look at your phone a lot less and continue with real life.

Get Rid of Data:

Now, for the difficult part: you must go ahead and turn off your WiFi and mobile data. That’s easy on most phones. Pull down the top taskbar and press the WiFi button to turn it off. Then go to your configuration menu, press data and then turn off mobile data. This means that your phone has no data connection at all. No Facebook messages, no emails, no Internet access, nothing but calls and SMS.

Sounds a little too scary? Yes, we do not blame you, and there is a less terrifying way to handle it. You may have had to maintain some applications that require Internet access, such as Google Maps or email. In this case, you only want limited access. The easiest way is to download an application called NetGuard and set data restrictions for individual applications. You can deactivate the data of all the applications except the ones you want to keep. You see, that was not so bad, right? As an additional incentive, your phone bill should now be lower and your phone’s battery will last much longer.

Disable Your Browser:

In addition to the above, you must also disable your browser, since in some phones the browser cancels its data configuration and still works. That is easy. Go to Settings, press Applications, find your browser and click on it and then on Deactivate. Completed All these Internet-based things can be done in the office or on your home PC, so leave your phone for the basics.

Make Your App Decisions:

Your first step is to decide exactly what your phone should do. A true purist will erase everything except call and messaging functions, but that is not realistic for some people. You may want to keep your camera application, music application and even the map application in case you get lost. There is nothing wrong with keeping some important things, but if it is not really necessary, you should get rid of all these messaging and social networking applications. Ideally, you want to have a home screen on your phone.