How to Simplify Your Smartphone Everyday in Your Life

How to Simplify Your Smartphone

How to Simplify Your Smartphone

How to Simplify Your Smartphone

The facts may show there are still 24 hours in every day, but for many of us, those days are feeling more compressed and hectic than ever, which is why anything that frees up even a little bit of time can feel so valuable.

Want to simplify your life a little? Then why not start with simplifying your phone? Phone simplification is the new cool thing to do, and as a bonus, you’ll be less stressed. How do you begin? Just keep reading

Why Simplify My Phone?

We’ll be honest, this isn’t for everyone. But some people find a simplified phone more relaxing. It’s definitely a stress buster and with smartphones known to disrupt sleep due to blue light, you won’t constantly be answering messages and notifications on your mobile at an ungodly hour.

Phone simplification does exactly what you’d expect, it makes your phone less of a distraction. The idea behind the phone simplification craze is that we’re all too connected these days. Simplify Your Smartphone With emails constantly pinging in, permanent access to the internet, and a half dozen different instant messaging apps, the average smartphone is more of a distraction than it really needs to be.

Get Rid of Data

No Facebook messages, no emails, no internet access, nothing but calling and texting. You should go ahead and turn off your WiFi and mobile data. On most phones this is easy, pull down the top taskbar and hit the WiFi button to turn it off, then go into your settings menu and hit data, then turn off mobile data. This will mean that your phone has no data connection at all.

Make Your App Decisions

A real purist is going to delete everything except the calling and messaging functionality, but this isn’t realistic for some people. You might want to keep your camera app, your music app, and maybe even the map app just in case you get lost. There’s nothing wrong with keeping some essentials, but unless it’s really necessary, you should go ahead and get rid of all those messaging and social media apps.

Disable Your Browser

Go into Settings, hit Apps, find your browser and click on it, then hit Disable. Done. All that internet-based stuff can be done at the office, or on your home PC, so leave your phone for the basics, you should also disable your browser since on some phones the browser will over-ride your data settings and work anyway this is simple.

Stop Notifications

You can turn off the main notifications (ringtone, SMS volume, etc.) in your phone’s settings menu (under Sound). For all other apps just going into the app itself and check out the menus there until you find a silent mode.

We understand, sometimes it’s just too hard to cut the cord all at once. Or you might want to disable your email, but work makes that impossible or any one of a number of other things. But if you still want some of the benefits of simplification, then the easiest option is to turn off your phone notifications.