Simple Steps: How to Setup Wi-Fi Hotspot in Reliance Jio Phone

Setup Wi-Fi Hotspot

As you know, Reliance Jio Phone does not allow you to directly activate the Jio Phone Wi-Fi hotspot to share the Internet connection. But you’ve seen a lot of Youtube videos on the internet that show that you can activate Jio Phone Hotspot, but let me tell you that all these videos are a false step to activate the WiFi hotspot on your Jio Phone.

In this post, I’ll talk in detail about how they eliminated users by displaying Hotspot activation in Jio Phone. And what a fake process they pursue in their Youtube videos, there to activate the Wi-Fi hotspot in Jio Phone. And that’s not all, since I’m going to discuss how to activate the WiFi Hotspot in your Jio phone or oven, you can expect this option, which is officially announced by Reliance Jio.

How to Setup Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Reliance Jio Phone?

Open Menu & Tap on the Application Option in your Jio Phone for Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Go to Setting of the Jio Phone & Scroll Down to Select More.

Now Click on Tethering the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Jio Phone. You need to activate it for activation of Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Now Click on the Network Name & Put any Network Name of your Choice.

Now Press the Down Navigation Button & Select the Security Option to Enter your WPA2 PSK Security Pin Code.

A Popup will appear to enter. You can Choose your own Password and enter that in the Text Field of the Wi-Fi Hotspot Password.

Now Click on the Wi-Fi Hotspot of Jio Phone to Turn it on.

Follow these Steps to Enjoy Seamless Internet Service from your Jio Phone using Wi-Fi Hotspot.