Omate partners with Tata Communications for secure smartwatch for kids

Omate partners with Tata Communications for secure smartwatch for kids

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New Delhi, February 13: The global provider of portable solutions and IoT Omate announced on Tuesday a partnership with Tata Communications to equip its new “Omate x Nanoblock” smart watch for children with improved security features.

The “MOVE-IoT Connect” platform of Tata Communications, integrated with the smart watch, will transport location, message and video call data through an encrypted virtual private network (VPN) from end to end, ensuring maximum security.

“What sets Omate x Nanoblock apart from other smart watches is the additional layer of security provided by Tata Communications’ global private network MOVE-IoT Connect,” said Omate founder and CEO Laurent Le Pen.

“This means that parents can follow and be in contact with their children in real time, but no data in the network can be intercepted by unscrupulous people,” he added.

The automated platform “MOVE-IoT Connect” integrated to the API is fully integrated with the commercial processes of Omate, providing the company with real-time visibility of the patterns of data usage and the control of frequency and billing

The software-defined capabilities of “MOVE-IoT Connect” also allow Omate to easily customize features and content to meet the needs of children.

“Through our partnerships and the ubiquitous Tata Communications MOVE-IoT Connect network, organizations can capture, move and manage information globally and provide users with the connected digital experiences they need,” said Anthony. Bartolo. Official, Tata Communications.

The “Omate x Nanoblock”, whose price has not yet been announced, will be available for pre-order in April at

It will begin shipping in June in the United States and Europe in the first place. Omate has offices in the United States, Japan and China.