Most Effective Method to Quickly Shut Down Windows 10


How to Quickly Shut Down windows 10:

It must be a state of pride in Redmond that even after so long, regardless you need to click ‘start’ to turn off your PC. Start button is no more named that way, having advanced into a Windows-logo button back in Vista. Also in windows 10 you need to click ‘start’ to shut down your computer, at that point you click force and finally turned off computer.

I will never comprehend why Microsoft has relentlessly declined to include a single click turn off to the desktop. Luckily there are speedier approaches to shut down your PC.

Step 1:

Reprogrammed Power Button:

If you are ready to go shut down your computer, why should not press the power button? why not? most of the computers that button comes with reprogrammed to work something else like put the system into sleep mode.

To cure that, click in Windows 10’s Inquiry field, type power, and after that click Power Choices in the query items that show up.

After that in the list of options on the left ‘click’ you have to choose what the power buttons do.  As you will see, there are two draw down menus beside “When I press the force catch” one each for On Battery and Connected to.

power button-techmehubClick that menu after that choose Shut Down. You should click the “Save changes” button and you are done Now and whenever you press the power button, your computer should immediately shut down. See the picture given below.

power options techmehubStep 2:

Add Own Shut down Shortcut:

On the off chance that your PC’s power button  is awkwardly found or you are simply feeling rankled about Windows’ three click shutdown process, you can add a shutdown alternate route to your desktop.

You just right click any empty space on the desktop screen, then click on New > Shortcut.In the location field is that appears and paste in the following code is given below.

%windir%System32shutdown.exe /s /t 0

create-shortcut techmehubStep 3:

Remeber to Right Click:

On the off chance that you right-tap the Begin catch, you will see a long appear alternate way menu with “shut down or sign out” right close to the base. Mouse over that alternative and after that click “turn off.” This is still a moderate two-click technique with a mouse-over blended in, yet at any rate it’s not three clicks.