How to Write a Twitter Bot in Minutes

How to Write a Twitter Bot in Minutes

Twitter Bot in minutes

A Twitter bot is a system that is continually running out of sight and, when it experiences a command, it performs some activity. For example, you can have a punctuation bot that searches for tweets containing incorrect spellings and tweets the right spelling. A bot can consequently most loved or retweet tweets that match certain criteria. It can naturally take after Twitters client who have tweeted a specific expression. A brand might fabricate an auto-answer bot that consequently reacts when the brand gets a @mention on Twitter.

How to write a Twitter bot is easy and you can get one up and running in minutes. We will host our Twitter bot on Google servers and you don’t need any coding skills to create your first Twitter bot. The Twitter bot is available in free and premium editions. The latter includes more features, it logs everything to a sheet and you can opt for one-on-one support too. Internally, it written using Google Scripts which is much less complicated than languages like PHP or Python.

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