How to Reset Your D-Link Wi-Fi Router with Simple Steps


Reset Your D-Link Wi-Fi Router with Simple Steps:

Now days Routers plays an important role in the world for using internet through Wireless LAN by which Wi-Fi Router, home or office use. Here i am explaining about how to reset D-Link Wi-Fi modem with fallowing these simple steps.

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Step 1.

To reset the D-link Wi-Fi router find the reset button back side of the unit that is like small hole, mentioned as Reset.

Step 2.

Then you have to push the reset button inside by using paper clip or pen point for about 10 seconds and release it.

Step 3.

Router will reboot and you can observe on WLAN lights stops blinking, then the unit is reset.

Step 4.

when the unit resetting it does not reset the firmware to an earlier versions. It will change all unit settings back to factory defaults. Here you can find the factory defaults username is the Admin and no password here leave it as blank.

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