TeamViewer: How to Remotely Access Your Computer from Your iPhone


There are a few strategies for getting to your PC with an iPhone. Most alternatives can be exorbitant,TeamViewer charging an one-time expense or month to month/yearly memberships. The two techniques that capacity best additionally happen to be totally free for individual use. TeamViewer routines oblige you to introduce a host application on your iPhone and a partner application on the PC you need to control. Once designed, you’ll have the capacity to control any PC remotely by TeamViewer as though you are sitting before it.


Step 1:

Now you have to install teamViewer on your iPhone smartphone. TeamViewer app is available on iPhone Operating system (OS), TeamViewer is free for all personal use but only offers for a paid version to business purpose. TeamViewer app is frequently used by tech companies for the use of hands on support. TeamViewer compatible both on windows and Mac.

Download TeamViewer app from store and install it on iPhone and register on TeamViewer. When you open the TeamViewer app you will see welcome screen and tap the computers and contacts icon at the bottom of the teamviewer screen. then Tap for New account.

teamviewer app techmehubHere you should be complete the 3 fields with your name, email address and password.

Step 2:

Install TeamViewer windows or Mac based application on your computer. this compatible application must be stalled on computers if you want to remotely access with your iPhone. If you want to use this remote function, you have to control both apps computer securely.

teamviewer app for pcOpen TeamViewer and click “Computers & Contacts” at the bottom of the window. A pop-up window will open just to the right of the main app. Here, input your TeamViewer account credentials by typing your registered email and password into the pop-up window, then click on Sign In. and login into TeamViewer on the computer.

Once you’re logged in, just minimize TeamViewer; it will start automatically with your computer and run in the background.Repeat the steps to install and log into TeamViewer on each computer you want to control with your iPhone.

teamviewer for pc2Using the computer you want to control, open any browser and visit Once on the download page, select the OS needed (Windows, Mac, or Linux) and download TeamViewer. Install it by clicking the downloaded file.

teamviwer for pc3A security password is not required, but it helps prevent unwanted access to your computers. You’ll be required to enter the password each time you attempt to control your computer.

Open TeamViewer on each computer you want to control. Go to Extras >> Options >> Security. Create a personal password to be used when logging into each computer. Your password can be any combination of characters. Do not use your TeamViewer credentials.


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