How to Reboot Your Phone in Safe Mode-Android phones


Reboot Android phones in Safe Mode:

We can reboot the android phones in safe mode same as like computers, operating systems of computers Windows or Mac. Here i am going to explain how to reboot your phone in safe mode for solving problems in android device. You need to press and hold power button of your android phone and you will be shown options on android screen is power off device then tap and hold that option then you will be reboot your android phone in ”safe” mode now.

reboot safe mode

When the Android phone in safe mode  you will able to troubleshoot problems are

1. Android Phone getting crashes or freezes on starting.

2. If your phone will randomly restarts, you can restart your Android phone in safe mode and uninstalling any app of recently installed. Some apps may not be keep phone working properly.

3. When your android phone is in safe mode you can see only system factory installed apps on the phone then you can go to settings and uninstall the apps.

4. If your getting slow when the phone using long time in that condition you can use in safe mode, because of all installed apps and themes are preventing the device from smooth working properly.

4. When using phone in safe mode phone will be temporarily getting speed without having factory reset and phone instantly pickup speed, in this safe mode device takes more responsive at this condition in Google apps like Gmail, Chrome, Maps so on.

For Exit the safe mode in android phone by pressing and hold the power button on device, then power off and restart the phone. The phone will start on normal mode automatically. but your apps are present but Google Apps and Twitter and Facebook accounts you should login again.

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