How to Find Your Website Traffic

Find Out Website traffic:

If you have a website and would you like to know how much traffic getting your website (also page views),how many people view your website on regular basis. In case if you are trying to get new visitors or customers, you may be have curious about how popular your content.

We can find website traffic by some third party websites, by using these websites we can estimate traffic by competitor analysis. To know the website traffic there are a bunch of traffic estimation services it can offer you a better understanding of the popularity of website. Here some useful websites are given bellow.

1. Alexa

Alexa gives the global ranking of the website by enter the website url or domain and Alexa will disclose the ranking of the website on a combination of unique visitors and page views. Alexa does not give rank of sites depends on traffic alone but it is relative to the traffic of other websites are monitoring by Alexa.

2. Similarweb

It began as a device for discovering Similar Web sites however now offers a scope of information incorporating traffic analysis in a spotless interface. You become acquainted with the site’s traffic after some time, countries that are sending the most activity, what look pivotal words are bringing the natural referrals, the amount of time visitors are spending on a site etc. Site traffic reports can be downloaded as PDF records for chronicling.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush offers a lot of data around pursuit traffic for any website. Put in the site URL and you will immediately know how the site has fared in natural hunt after some time. The information can be part by contry, you become more acquainted with which destinations are sending movement furthermore the watchwords that are bringing the most guests. Open Site Pilgrim is another mainstream apparatus in this classification.

4. Compete

Compete website used to estimate the total US traffic that is unique visitors for nearly about every site on the web.Compete has their own toolbar and the data sources to estimate the traffic of the website, this Compete uses the data from ISPs. It gives other traffic like page views, average time duration these are only available for paid users.