How To Connect Laptop to LCD or LED TV by Using HDMI or VGA


Connect Laptop to TV:

You can watch Laptop videos on LCD or LED TV‘s as bigger screen. This article explain how to connect laptop to TV by using simple steps. Here this article explain not only videos you can also access all applications such as Facebook, email, web browsing these applications you can directly watch on LCD or LED TV.

If you want to connect Laptop to TV you need to follow these cables which is HDMI or VGA cables required, If your Laptop has older one it may have VGA cable, in this case you can use VGA to VGA Male cable. Now days LED or LCD TV’s comes with both VGA and HDMI ports, if your laptop having VGA in this condition you have to take VGA to VGA male cable. The Picture given below.

VGA to VGA cable-techmehubVGA to VGA Cable

NOW new laptops comes with HDMI port also. If your Laptop have VGA output port then you can connect with these VGA to VGA cables, another condition both laptop and TV has HDMI ports then you can choose HDMI to HDMI cable as connector, this cable shown below.

HDMI to HDMI-techmehubHDMI to HDMI Cable

How to Connect.

Option 1.

Connect the vga cable to laptop one end and other end is connected to LED or LCD TV, after done this connection you should make changes settings on TV. Change input mode to VGA.

vga -techmehubOption 2.

This Connection obtained by connect the HDMI Cable laptop to TV, after done this hardware connection keep the settings changes on TV. You can change the input mode of TV to HDMI.

Laptop-HDMI-techmehubAfter the above two connections are done which is HDMI or VGA, the fallowing steps may help you.

  1. Connect cable to laptop HDMI or VGA port the other end to LED or LCD TV.
  2. Switch ‘ON’ the Laptop and windows will be loading on laptop.
  3. After switch ‘ON’ the TV and keep the settings to HDMI or VGA input mode.
  4. After done above steps Windows will appear on the TV screen with high quality by HDMI signal.

You can Access the all the laptop applications on TV screen same like computer system, such as facebook, internet browsing, youtube videos, Movies.