How to Clear your Google search history on Android



Google is constantly improving its Google search app to improve the user experience. The search giant Google has updated its search application and saved screenshots of search history after the update. When you open the app, you may see a clock-like icon in the lower right corner. Once you click on it, you will be able to see the screenshots of all the things you were looking for.

The app keeps track of all the things you’ve searched for, by days, and you can swipe to the right to see the day you want. However, some find this feature useful. Others may think it’s a violation of their privacy.

So anyone who wants to save the screenshots can follow this simple hack and disable this feature as well as delete the saved screenshots.

To remove screenshots, users simply need to open their Google app and tap the history icon on the main screen. Then the list of search queries for the last seven days will appear on your screen. Users can easily erase any search and get rid of screenshots.
In addition to removing screenshots, users can also disable this feature.

Just go to the main screen and click on the three horizontal lines placed at the top of the left corner. There you will see the main menu. After that, go to Settings, then tap Accounts and Privacy. After that, another screen appears and you just have to disable the “Last activated” option. After that, the application no longer saves screenshots of your searches.