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God of War PlayStation 4 Game

God of War PS4 Games

God of War PS4 Game is yet another first-party phenomenon for Sony. On PS4 Pro, in particular, the game is absolutely stunning throughout its incredible 50+ hours of superlative gameplay. While a substantial departure from other entries in the franchise, it is by far the best game in the series to date.


God of War PlayStation 4 Game

God of War ps4

With an incredibly satisfying combat system, an utterly gripping father/son story and some of the most imaginative world design you’ll ever see, this is an essential purchase for all PS4 owners.

God of War ps4 game is in many ways a complete fresh for this action series. While Kratos is still very angry, the game still features moments of horrific violence, and the action continues to be smooth and brutal, the whole structure and pace have been completely revamped. Now you’re free to explore the world and unearth all its secrets as you go through, and there are so many layers to this game.


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God of War screenshot

Puzzles are incredibly smart, set-pieces impress, and Kratos is a much more rounded character – especially when it comes to the interactions with Atreus, his son. It also helps that the game looks staggeringly good, from scripted scenes to the way combat flows freely, all taking place in a world that feels alive and histories. There’s no better showcase game for God of War PlayStation 4. It’s a gorgeous exclusive that reinvents one of the console’s longest-serving, most loved characters. It’s heaps of fun to play, and the game just keeps inviting you to dig deeper and deeper to discover all its goodies. And you will. You’ll be playing this for a long, long time.

God of War PS4 Game Advantages

Incredibly gorgeous
A huge amount of gameplay
The most satisfying combat system
Depth to the combat via character upgrades
Excellent father/son tale
Zero load screens

God of War PS4 Game Disadvantages

Boss encounters massively underwhelm
Change of pace certainly won’t be for all
Ending falls flat