Basic Difference between Neutral, Ground and Earth

Difference between Neutral, Ground and Earth:

To know the difference between the Neutral, Ground and Earth, first we have to understand the requirement of the these terminals.


Neutral is the return path of an AC circuit which is carry current in normal condition, this current can’t be feels shock when touch it this terminal because of many causes, other conditions due to phase current imbalance and 3r and 5th harmonics are introduced when this condition some currents flow through the neutral wire.

Neutral wire  having the magnitude of current which is in the fraction of phase current and in some cases it is double the phase currents passes through neutral wires. So that Neutral wire is generally considered as inactive circuit. When neutral wire is given to the ground then the other terminal of neutral wire makes zero potential.

Earth or Ground:

Earth or Ground potentials generally used for safety measures its against leakage or residual phase currents of electrical equipments mainly. It is happens via least resistance path, actually the current passes always through least resistance path only. Earth or Ground system used to protect from unwanted currents on body of equipment.

How to Connect Earth (or) Ground:

Here for all electrical and electronics equipments generally connects the phase and neutral is the main power wiring for system equipment. Here most important thing is to connect the earth wire to body of the equipment or ny system like home appliances mixers, grinders, desktop pc and others. Most severe electrical shocks happens from body, it is due to failure of insulation of phase wires. that’s why you must provide Earth or Ground wire for any equipments.


Neutral wire is not completely zero potential some times may double the current as compare with normal condition. Don’t mix the Neutral and Earth or Ground wires these two wire serves different purpose of use. Earth wires used for unwanted leakage currents of body fed to the Ground , this causes potential of body currents makes to zero