Apple iOS 8’s Best New Communication Features


Most everybody will notice on Apple’s iOS 8 many new options they’ll place to work to create their iPhones higher than ever. Some area unit handy, some have “finally” arrived, and a few are simply plain cool.
Apple’s iOS 8 could be a free upgrade for iPhone house owners who have an iPhone 4s up to the new behemoth iPhone vi and. On the surface, iOS 8 appearance plenty like iOS 7, however once you begin tapping down into it, there area unit dozens of latest options and tweaks.

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How to guide to the foremost helpful and welcome iOS 8 changes to messages, keyboard, contacts and email practicality. Apple is getting down to perceive that text-oriented electronic communication all told forms is solely exploding into the dominant kind of communication,even among adults. Consequently, Apple has additional many new functions to form it easier to send made media messages voice messages, video clips and fast selfies.

The only iPhone users get to play these audio clips. If you are sending a text message to a non-iPhone user, the mike icon is replaced by “Send,” and if you are during a mixed-group message, it is not obtainable for anyone. after you area unit writing a text message, you’ll be able to tap associate degreed hold a mike button to the correct of the text entry field to record an audio clip, then swipe left to “X” (discard) it or swipe up to an arrow icon to send the audio clip.