Apple Increases App Size Limit



Apple has increases its long standing 2 GB app size limit on the App Store to a hefty 4 GB. Yes, that’s 4 GB per app. whereas Windows Phone users can realize these figures jaw-dropping (because most of their apps are available in the tiniest of packages), game developers can rejoice at this move as a result of they’ll currently cram in an exceedingly lot additional details into their iOS games on apple phones.

While iOS is so the simplest platform for mobile gaming on apple phone and as a result of the hardware optimisations square measure so restricted, it additionally offers the simplest games initial, and with the simplest graphics further.

Apple increases the app size limit to 4 GB can see games like Bioshock and GTA finally obtaining the area required to expand and deliver some much-needed quality textures.

That aside, iOS users needn’t concern the amendment as all of Apple’s devices go with simply one internal memory, wherever there’s no differentiation of internal and external memory like on android.