Next version of Android OS supports iPhone X ‘Notch’ design, like Apple

iPhone X ‘Notch’ design, like Apple


When Apple unveiled the tenth anniversary of the iPhone X last September, it caused a stir at the top of the screen with the controversial “notch” design. It resulted in countless memes, many jokes from competitors (Samsung and others) and a lot of Apple junk.

But in a surprising new development of the next version of Android, slated to appear later this year, the iPhone X’s ‘notch’ design may actually be vindicated after all.

According to a Bloomberg report, Google is working to completely renew its Android operating system for the next generation of smartphones, also supporting the controversial “notch” in the iPhone X on top of the iPhone X, reported Google experts are.

This continues in the narrative of Google to promote iPhone customers by offering a classic and well-packaged alternative that goes beyond Pixel smartphones. The main goal of this year’s Android update seems to be to improve the appearance of the software, experts said.

The design change at the top of any future Android phone‘s screen will give more phones the ability to fit cameras and other sensors. This, in turn, will give future Android phones the ability to have more features, innovative uses, and overall appeal to compete with Apple’s tech advances each year.