7 Best Android Themes for Smartphones-Launchers

7 Best Android Themes

A best aspect concerning Android is the capacity to alter your experience.7 Best Android Themes You can do as such by downloading one of the numerous, numerous applications from the Google Play Store. You could likewise go another course and subject your gadget. We’re not discussing simply changing your experience, but rather genuine, magnificent theming that makes your gadget look entirely unexpected. Here are the best Android topics and best applications to offer you some assistance with theming your gadget! Do remember that theming is profoundly subjective and what is awesome for some may not be incredible for others. Leave a remark with your most loved Android topics and home screen setups..

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1.Best Android Themes Workshop

Best Android Themes Workshop is a developer group that makes themes generally for C Launcher. There are a variety available that cover a range of colors and styles. Some of the highlights include Dragon Magic Game Totem, Night Street, and Saturn Space. Most themes include an icon pack, wallpapers, and some advanced theming elements to make it all fit together.7 Best Android Themes All of the themes from this developer are free and it won’t take long to make your device look awesome.Please note, you’ll need C Launcher to run these themes…

Download Best Android Themes Workshop from Google Playstore


DLTO is another developer group that is responsible for Atom Launcher. Alongside their famous launcher, they also have a strong selection of some pretty stunning themes. Like our previous entry, they run the range in colors and styles so there is something there for everyone. 7 Best Android Themes The highlights include Black Mechanic, Metropolitan, and Horizon, all of which have their own styles. Each theme is free and there are dozens to choose from. Please note, you’ll need Atom Launcher to use these Android themes..

Download DLTO from Google Playstore


GinLemon is the developer group behind the highly respectable and successful Smart Launcher. On top of having a launcher that is already fairly unique, the developers have also released a slew of themes for their launcher. Some of the better options include SLT Metro, SLT Ubuntu, and SLK Futura. These themes aren’t as comprehensive as others, but they add a little extra flair to a launcher that already does things differently. As per the norm so far, all of these themes are free to use.To use these 7 Best Android Themes on your device, you’ll first need to download Smart Launcher 3..

Download GinLemon from Google Playstore

4.Launcher 8

Launcher 8 by Xinyi Network is a unique launcher that emulates the look, feel, and interface of Windows Phone 8. This may seem like a step backwards for many people but there are those who enjoy the simplicity and organization of the Metro (tile) layout and Launcher 8 allows Android users to engage with that. Much like Windows Phone 8, you can create custom tiles, change their sizes, and their contents. You can even put widgets into tiles to create a kind of live tile. It’s fun and definitely something different. You can try 7 Best Android Themes of launcher out for free…

Download Launcher 8 from Google Playstore


As you might expect, morespeedgoteam is another developer group that specializes in themes. These are for Zero Launcher, although this developer actually isn’t the one that made the launcher. In any case, you’ll have a variety of selections that span a ton of styles with Moon, Steampunk, and Sparkle being a few of the beautifully done and capable themes that you can enjoy. Every theme is free and most of them have high ratings in the Play Store.To use any of these 7 Best Android Themes, you’ll need to download and install Zero Launcher first…

Download morespeedgoteam from Google Playstore

6.Nova Launcher

In many cases, people are trying to get a more stock Android feel from a device running an OEM skin such as Touchwiz. In those cases, something like Nova Launcher is perfect. It has a stock Android feel to it which can then be customized even further using the settings menu, a healthy selection of icon packs, and various other elements.7 Best Android Themes It’s a bit more DIY compared to many on this list, but Nova Launcher can definitely get the job done and make your device look awesome…

Download Nova Launcher from Google Playstore


Themer is an increasingly popular launcher application that has a metric ton of themes that you can enjoy. It comes with 400 themes that represent a variety of styles and UI types that suit almost every need. On top of that, each theme is 100% customizable so you can create things that are even more unique.7 Best Android Themes It’s powered by Zooper Widget (which we’ll talk about here shortly) and comes with additional features such as icon pack support, app icon gestures, and more. The learning curve is a little steep and you can screw up your theme pretty badly, but otherwise it’s a lot of fun to use…

Download Themer from Google Playstore

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