5 Best Websites or Apps To Buy And Sell Used/Second-Hand Products In India

olx online classifieds for buy or sell products online india

Apps to Buy And Sell:

We are all used,second hand, unused, working, office, lying around the house in mint condition products, or placed outside the home. However, it is only when someone wants to rent them to sell those things, then one realizes how difficult it is to actually sell the products.

How to Buy Used products online:

Used products are the best alternatives if you are looking at buying used products online, similar to the consistency of quality of the new offer. Now that the spring is a good time to start cash. Depending on the quality and age of the subject, the surplus is used to buy the 10% -80% off the retail price of the business.

How to Sell Used Products Online:

Assortment of products in the online world, which is known as a shopping destination for the rumor is getting to be known as the accuracy. This is an online medium, the best case scenario is one of those products that can be found in the price. If you are a manager and want to sell used products online, then you will need to do some work on the process of shopping on the Internet

5 Best Websites or Apps To Buy And Sell Used/Second-Hand Products In India:


It is a maximum number of sellers and buyers from India on a very active classifieds. TV commercials are probably due to its popularity, but the experience is going to be very good for their business. Submit ads for free and without creating an account. If you want to buy something, interesting items, cheaper than in the store, where you will find.

olx online classifieds Apps to buy and sell products online indiaThe OLX app is a fun, cool and easy way to buy and sell things around you. Is there something you do not need anymore? Or is there something that you have always wanted? India’s largest classified marketplace, now brings you cool deals near you

Download OLX App Here

2.Second Hand Mall:

According to buyers, “product certification”, the authenticity of the product by the team confirmed that there is a nice feature.

It is a classified advertising website to help find potential customers in your city. Just buy and sell, but also to contribute to it and share in the things recommended. Things have to change hands – to stay true to its tagline.

second-hand-mall-Apps to buy and sellWebsite design and Navigation is really easy,Buyer can contact without revealing your email ID,Help out Seller in Courier and provides Loan, Insurance assistance,Posting of Ad is Free.


Koove a fun-trusted social platform used goods, or to buy and sell second-hand products is one App. They promote trust by ensuring security, for example, the real user profiles, public community, chat, social, comments, etc. Koove OLX, Quikr, such as cod, which is different from the usual platforms used goods classified reduce and save a lot of money on a place to experience a virtual flea market.

koove logo Apps to buy and sell productsIt is not just about buying and selling stuff, people, products, browse through comments to engage with others with similar interest can be used to connect the exchange of goods used Koove. It is similar to window shopping a social experience.

Download Koove Android App Here


Tradly and your local buy, sell, donate to a social market application is changing. Tradly also a place where people can connect to the nearby residents, the preferred items, and finding them in the trade. The unique thing about Tradly connect and trade safely driven by the contents of the local community is a safe and fun atmosphere.

tradly Apps to buy and sell productsDownload Tradly Android App Here


It was on the television and other classified ads. Due to its popularity, it has a wide product range and the buyer are alternatives for the same products. The seller of advertising for premium upgrade plans to post an ad for free can vary according to the product sold. One thing should be noted that shipping has to be done and the site of the seller to take responsibility.

Quikr-techmehub Apps to buy and sell productsThe buyer, a seller from their city, as far as possible to avoid the scandal to try to buy things from. And payment should be made to adapt the product. EBay is a problem common to all of these sites unless it is spam.

Download Quikr Android App Here

These 5 websites and Apps to Buy And Sell online products from home by easy steps and securely.