10 Amazing 2018 Oscar-Nominated Movies

10 Amazing 2018 Oscar-Nominated Movies

Full List of 2018 Oscar Nominations

On Jan. 23, 2018 the entire world at last observed all the Oscar nominees, many individuals were baffled. I for one couldn’t care less much about who wins, aside from when there’s a movie I extremely preferred, which implies I’m pulling for “The Shape of Water” like crazy. In any case,, here are 10 Oscar-nominated movies you should watch.

1. The Shape of Water Movie

The Shape of Water is an extremely exceptional romantic tale about a hard of hearing housekeeper and a fish-man. Sounds imbecilic when I say it, yet Guillermo del Toro recognizes what he’s doing. The film got assigned in 13 categories, so I’m wagering on no less than 2-3 Oscars. A portion of the selections are: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Costume Design and 9 more.

2. Dunkirk Movie

Dunkirk is based on real events that took place during WWII, and tells about the rescue operation of 300 thousand soldiers from Dunkirk. This movie got Nolan his first “Best Director” nomination, but it wasn’t the only one. It’s also a contender in Best Picture, Best Cameraman, and 5 others.

3. Get Out Movie

How long has it been since a horror movie was nominated for an Oscar… in 4 different categories? The answer is never. “Get Out” is about a black photographer from New York who’s about to meet the parents of his white girlfriend. Things go south very quickly, so I’m not going to spoil anything here.

4. Phantom Thread Movie

This is definitely not your average movie. You gotta really be a genius to understand what’s going on… I’m kidding of course, but then again, Phantom Thread is about the struggles of being a genius, as well as loving one. One thing about this movie is certain – it’s stylish AF. Out of six nominations, it’ll probably get an Oscar for Best Costume Design, for sure.

5. The Darkest Hour Movie

Have you ever wondered how Winston Churchill became the Prime Minister of Great Britain? Neither have I, but hey, now we have a movie about it, and it has Garry Oldman in it! That’s a double win in my book. The Darkest Hour has received six nominations, including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Makeup.

6. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Movie

After Mildred Hayes’ daughter was killed, and the police failed to find the killer desperate Mildred buys three billboards with a plead to the head of the local police to find and punish her daughter’s murderer. That was only the beginning of her struggle with the city authorities. It’s also got six nominations, including Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Original Screenplay.

7. Lady Bird Movie

At first glance, the story of a high school student who dreams of running away from her home town, and tries to find her place in the world, is quite simple. However, in the end, the Lady Bird turned out to be a very touching movie. With its 4 nominations in Best Pictures, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, it’ll definitely snag an Oscar or two.

8. The Post Movie

It’s got Washington Post going vs. the New York Times to be the first to unravel the state secrets that have been hidden for more than 30 years. If that doesn’t sound good to you, how about checking it out for the Meryl Streep/Tom Hanks duo? Oh and yeah, Spielberg directed it. Too bad it only appears in 2 nominations: Best Picture and Best Actress.

9. I, Tonya Movie

I, Tonya movie is about the infamous figure-skater Tonya Harding, who sabotaged another girl so she could win the tournament. At least that’s what I remember from watching it, because it had a lot of Margot Robbie with some really weird, yet authentic, hairdo.

10. Coco Movie

Coco is the Best Animated Film category we have “Coco” – one of the most heart-warming animated movies I’ve seen in years. In the family of 12-year-old Miguel, music is strictly forbidden. One day Miguel, who really loves strumming his 6-string, finds himself in the Land of the Ancestors, where he is forced to search for his idol singer. I promise you, Coco will squeeze you like a lemon at the end.